Norwich Medical SchoolThe research goals of the Health Economics Group revolve around a central theme of decision-making in health care.

Our research applies and develops methods to measure the burden of health conditions in different population groups, to compare the costs and benefits of different interventions, services and policies, and to measure preferences and value outcomes in health and healthcare.

To ensure our research is of the highest quality, our researchers have expertise in a range of technical approaches including economic evaluation alongside clinical trials, decision, Markov and microsimulation modelling, and preference elicitation methods such as the Discrete Choice Experiment and Best Worst Scaling. We collaborate with a range of research groups work closely alongside the Norwich Clinical Trials Unit.

Our research falls under three broad, interlinked themes:

Our research is applied in a number of areas across children’s health, adults and older people:

Cardiovascular and Diabetes
Disability and older adults
Nursing interventions
Osteoporosis and orthopaedic devices
Pharmacy and optimising medicines use
Respiratory conditions
Telehealth and telecare

Through these activities we:

  • Produce and publish high quality, relevant research;
  • Create a sustained local, national and international profile;
  • Collaborate with institutions and individuals on research within this strategy;
  • Maintain a substantial expertise in health economics;
  • Provide education programmes for economists and non-economists; and
  • Offer consultancy to health and social care organisations and researchers.

We collaborate with a range of other research groups and organisations within and beyond UEA and work closely with the Norwich Clinical Trials Unit.

All of our activities help to ensure our health services are sustainable and contribute to improving the health and well-being of patients and the general public.

We welcome new collaborations, you can either directly contact one of our researchers using their contact details on this website or contact  Ed Wilson, Head of Group, in the first instance who will direct you to the most appropriate member of the team.