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SEESAW Newsletter April 2017

Welcome to our new, informative newsletter. This is a  chance for us, the SEESAW Committee, to fill you in on all the great things we have been working on, and to keep you up to date with upcoming events across campus and beyond, as well as providing guidance on all things ‘wellbeing’ at work!


Mentoring – Is it for me?

"Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be."

Eric Parsloe, The Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring


If you are interested to know more then read more about the MED Mentoring Scheme, how you can sign up and view how mentoring has helped colleagues in MED


MED Return to Work Fund

The MED Return to Work Fund is open to all MED staff who have had an absence from work for 3 months or more. This could be due to maternity/paternity/adoption leave or connected to ill health. We would encourage anyone that feels they would benefit from the fund to get in touch.

Have a look at the application form and guidance for the fund



Have you worked in MED for 12 months or longer? Have you had an appraisal?

The UEA’s expectation is that:

“Each member of UEA Staff (fixed term or indefinite, full or part-time, and in all grades) should be appraised during each twelve month period; and all appraisers should be aware of the current Guidance for Appraisers, and have undertaken the online appraisal training before carrying out appraisals.”

If you have yet to have an appraisal, please do contact your line manager. Appraisals are a chance for you to reflect on your work over the last year and look forward in terms of your career development. It is also a protected amount of time to chat through any issues or worries with your line manager and to plan your future work.


SEESAW Research Seminar Series

“The SEESAW (Supporting Excellence Equality and Satisfaction for all at Work) committee has been working hard to create a positive working culture within MED. As the role of SEESAW has evolved we have been keen to support and promote a research culture that is inclusive to all members of faculty, including our RAs and PhD students. To this end we have worked hard to start a seminar series, that has research at its heart but also offers our more junior researchers opportunities for career development and networking.”

Professor Laura Bowater (SEESAW Chair)


For more information on the inaugural lecture that took place on the 29th of March and the networking lunch event please click here.


FMH Research Prizes – Team Science Award

All FMH Research Awardees at the award ceremony on the 27th of February

Congratulations to all awardees of FMH Research prizes!

We are particularly proud of the winners of our first SEESAW Team Science Prize – which provides an opportunity to formally recognise and celebrate the excellent teamwork done within the Faculty and to showcase what UEA is doing, along with funders and journal editors to address the difficulties of, and provide support for, staff in environments where individual performance may be prioritised ahead of Team Science. We were delighted to have received so many excellent applications. This year’s winner was the Clinical Trials Unit PREPARE ABC Team, the award was received on behalf of the team by Erika Sims

Look out for the Team Science Award next year, and make an application!


The MED Staff Survey –we need your support!

At present we have very low numbers, with only 57 people out of a School of 282 responding. Of course we realise that everyone is very busy, and that there does seems to be a never ending stream of requests for one survey or another, but we feel it is incredibly important that individuals engage with this so we can continue to bring in improvements that matter to you.

The results from our surveys will not only assist us to build a picture of the MED school within our Athena SWAN Silver award submission this November, but it supports current SEESAW Committee work and influences real change. Results from previous surveys have prompted several of our current initiatives, which include:


  1. The new SEESAW Research Seminar Series and networking lunch for Early Career Researchers

  2. The FMH Research Prize  “Team Science” Award

  3. The ‘Best Practice Guidelines for Research Staff’ (which supports the national Concordat) document due to be circulated and to support ECRs career development

  4. Rebranding the MED coffee mornings (MEDICAKE) and organising our Christmas ‘get-togethers’

  5. Making sure the annual promotions workshop is tailored to current needs from feedback (e.g. recording the sessions for those that are unable to attend, and in 2016 a section for those coming back from career breaks and working part time, as well as a session for Research Associate colleagues)

    These were a direct result of MED colleagues’ feedback via this survey and shows that this is not just a ‘tick box’ exercise, but a chance for us all to be a part of changing culture within MED.

    We really appreciate your support with this!



Every month, free cake and a chance to catch up, or meet new people working within MED – what’s not to love! All welcome!


And finally…

International Women’s Day 2017

Thank you to everyone that took part in the #beboldforchange selfie campaign across Twitter!

If you would like to see what went on, and who took part, head over to Laura’s Storify page and have a look!


Have a great rest of the month, and look out for the next SEESAW newsletter in May!

If you have an item you would like to be included in our newsletter, or you would like to chat through any of the issues raised please do get in touch.


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