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Announcing the winners of our AMR Video Schools Competition

In honour of the UEA’s ‘Superbugs: The Fight for Our Lives’ antibiotic resistance exhibition on show at the London Science Museum, the SAW Trust and the UEA gave local schools the chance to take part in a film making competition.

The Superbugs exhibition explores how society is responding to the enormous challenge of antibiotic resistance, whilst giving audiences a chance to see real bacteria and discover the innovative technologies being used to make superbugs a thing of the past.

We asked schools to come up with a short film that conveyed a public health message associated with antibiotic resistance. The more creative, innovative and exciting ideas, the better! We received a number of excellent entries that included the promotion of good hand washing techniques to limit the spread of infections, the importance of finishing your course of antibiotics, and explaining how antibiotics aren’t always needed to get better.

The Judging Panel was composed of: Prof Laura Bowater, UEA; Prof Matt Hutchings, UEA; Dr Karen Smith, UEA; Dr Jenni Rant, SAW Trust and Dr Seema Patel, Pfizer.


We are pleased to announce the winners:

1st Prize:

Hevingham and Marsham Primary School (Teacher – Sam Gibbons)

See their winning video

2nd Prize:

Mile Cross Primary School (Teacher - Mark Pinner)


Congratulations to both classes won a complimentary trip to the London Science Museum to see the Superbugs exhibition, inclusive of travel costs, simulator tickets and goodie bags.

Dr Karen Smith joined the winning class from Hevingham and Marsham Primary School at the Science Museum on the 17th of July to congratulate them and joined them in touring the highly informative Superbugs Exhibition, exploring the inspiring ‘Wonderlab’ and watching the exciting 3D motion theatre film ‘Legend of Apollo’.



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