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Members of the IVR Volunteering Research Group collaborate with colleagues from all faculties at UEA and other universities colleagues and with local, national and international partners to support and undertake exciting new volunteering research, help grow a new generation of academics in the field of volunteering research and put together a novel pathway to impact, clarifying the difference volunteering and volunteering research make to individuals and communities.

We expect this group to grow rapidly. Please contact IVR if you are interested.

Linda Birt

Linda is leading on developing a project exploring community provision for people living with dementia.

Jess Blake

Jess is Senior Research Associate on the project ‘CONTINUITY’ looking at the role of volunteers and the interactions between those involved in a dying person’s care.

Joanna Drugan

Joanna will jointly lead on developing a project to strengthen language support for underserved communities in acute clinical, health and social care.

Jurgen Grotz

Jurgen is the Director of the Institute for Volunteering Research, manages its day to day activities and will lead IVR into its next phase as a research centre at UEA.

Guy Peryer

Guy is leading a project investigating the characteristics and role of volunteers in well connected end of life care.

Fiona Poland

Fiona is the academic lead for volunteering research at UEA and the Inclusion Research Theme lead. She will lead on a range of projects, for example, considering the role of volunteering to support inclusion and the questions of exclusion in volunteering.