Our vision, mission and ethos Our vision, mission and ethos

IVR’s vision and mission will be continuously developed with its partners. They are currently drafted as follows:

IVR's Vision

IVR wants a world in which the power and energy of volunteering is well under stood, where no one gets ‘used’, so that individuals can be confident and feel safe about their decisions to volunteer and policy decisions are made on solid evidence and scientifically robustly produced knowledge, involving at all stages experts by experience! 

IVR’s Mission

  • IVR will support and undertake high quality volunteering research.
  • IVR will disseminate knowledge gained from its research in accessible formats for a range of audiences. 
  • IVR will support researchers in voluntary organisations and early career academic researchers with access to evidence and guidance.
  • IVR will build on its original work on Impact Assessment, co-producing a way to meaningfully measure the difference volunteering and volunteering research make.


  • What we do must be a little bit joyful. Enjoyment is the biggest motivator for ongoing volunteering and volunteering research. 
  • Nobody gets ‘used’. Every role and activity gets acknowledged and rewarded in some from, at a minimum by being thanked and provided with meaningful information and feedback.
  • We acknowledge power differences and unconscious biases. We cannot make them go away but we will address and seek to minimise them. 
  • We challenge ourselves and others to become better at being inclusive. This is a continuous activity. At a minimum this means we will always try and ensure that people are comfortable.