Further information about supervision and progress reporting Further information about supervision and progress reporting


Candidates for research degrees are normally assigned at least two supervisors – a primary and secondary supervisor. The role of the supervisory team is, collectively to provide candidates for research degrees with academic and pastoral guidance as they pursue advanced study and research.

The relationship between a student and their supervisor team, and in particular their primary supervisor, is important to the successful and satisfactory progress of a research student. For guidance, check the Guide to Good Supervisory Practice.

At any time in his or her research degree registration, a student may request a change of a member of the supervisory team, including the primary supervisor. Such request will normally be met (in so far as it is feasible and contracted terms and conditions allow).   Students and supervisors may consult with the School PGR Director or the Associate Dean for PGR any change to the supervisory arrangements

Changes to the membership of the supervisory team, including adjustments to the balance  of supervisory input must be documented and  approved by the PGR School Director. The relevant Change to Supervisory Team form must be completed.

The primary supervisor is responsible for the overall management and direction of the student's research degree in addition to issues relating to registration and progress.

Frequency of supervision

The frequency of supervisory meetings will be determined by the nature of the research, however the Code of Practice requires all full-time students to meet with their supervisors at least 8 times per year, including formal progress review meetings.  All formal supervisory meetings should be documented and the record agreed by the student and supervisory team. 

Progress monitoring

There will be an annual review of progress and two other formal progress meetings included in the eight formal supervisory meetings. The annual progress report is completed through events on e:Vision.

Progress report

Confidential statements