Research Student Forum Research Student Forum

The purpose of the Research Student Forum (RSF) is to provide and promote a two- way channel of communication between academic and other staff and the FMH PGR Student body regarding their research degree programmes and their over-all experience of the Faculty and the wider University.

This RSF is a crucial part of the Faculty and as such the Committee and all its members have a responsibility to ensure that its aims and day-to-day business are carried out with integrity, respect, professionalism and regard for the University's Code, policy and procedures on equality and diversity.

The Committee should always be consulted on any major changes to structure or content within the Faculty/their research programmes and no final action should be taken on matters which are likely to affect students without first consulting the RSF.

The RSF does not consider matters relating to named members of staff or students and it is not the place to air personal grievances. There are other policies and procedures for dealing with such issues.

PGR students wishing to raise issues for discussion at the RSF should contact one of the following representatives:

Alastair Watson (MED)

Penny Powell (MED)

Alex MacGregor (MED)

Gill Price (MED)

Kenda Crozier (HSC)

Philip Hearsey (PGR)

Alison Welsh (HSC)

Fiona Ellis (PGR)

Esra Hamdan

Katharina Mattishent (MED)

Manar Shafat (MED)

Ethan Drury (MED)

Stephen Lam (HSC)

Laura Haag (MED)

Christopher Atkins (MED)

Lindsey van Bokhorst (HSC)

Madeleine Colledge (Postgraduate Education Officer)