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Return to Practice Nursing Level 6 and 7

Module Level: Level 6 and Level 7 – 20 Credits

Welcome to Return to Practice Nursing

Who should attend this Module?

This Return to Practice Nursing programme welcomes applications from qualified nurses whose registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has lapsed or who have not undertaken sufficient clinical practice after a break of three years or more (NMC 2011).   Please note that UEA does not currently offer a Return to Practice course for Midwives or an adaptation course for overseas nurses.

Module Aims

The programme is designed to fully prepare you for your return to Adult, Mental Health, Learning Disability or Children's Nursing and will help guide you through the re-registration process with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

This is a flexible programme which aims to re-awaken your established nursing skills and give you the confidence and tools to develop your nursing experience and adapt to recent changes in practice.   

Key Learning Outcomes

  • To meet the NMC Learning Outcomes for Return to Practice programmes (NMC 2011) and where relevant, the EU Directive for General Care Nursing (Directive 2005/36/EC) by updating existing knowledge and acquiring new knowledge and skills.

  • To prepare students to be fit for purpose and to practice competently as a Registered Nurse and manage their own practice and that of others in accordance with NMC 'The Code: Professional Standards of Practice and Behaviour for Nurses and Midwives' (effective from 31 March 2015).

  • To enable students to fulfil their role effectively and contribute to intra-professional decision-making and provide collaborative care for patients.

  • To promote and develop an autonomous learner with a range of transferable skills and the skills of reflection.

  • In collaboration with the student, identify and plan personal and professional development needs and to develop as a lifelong learner.

Module Length

Module length varies according to the time spent away from NMC registration and/or nursing practice.  It will take account of individual student circumstances and will be discussed and agreed with the applicant at the time of interview.   

To give you an idea of the module length, Health Education East of England recommends the following minimum study period(s) in order to re-register with the NMC:-

Time Spent away from Clinical Practice Minimum Recommended Study*
3 - 7 years 150 hours (20 x 7.5 hour days)
8 - 10 years 200 hours (27 x 7.5 hour days)
10 - 15 years 275 hours (37 x 7.5 hour days)
15 years or more 375 hours (50 x 7.5 hour days)

* Source:  Health Education East of England

Teaching Methods

This programme is delivered at Level 6 and Level 7 via lectures, lecture-led learning activities, online learning and student-led learning strategies.

Teaching is undertaken at the UEA campus in Norwich and at the clinical practice environment.

Clinical Experience on this Module                                                              

Students will complete 15 hours clinical practice per week in one clinical setting.

Where possible, students will be offered a placement in a clinical practice environment where they have had prior experience and are most likely to feel comfortable during their training.

How Many Hours per week will I complete on the Course?

Students will need to complete:-

  • 15 hours clinical practice per week;
  • 1 study day (7.5 hours) per week based at UEA campus or via online learning.
  • Personal study supported by one of the module lecturers or your mentor in clinical practice.

Assessment Strategy

For Level 6 and Level 7, students must complete coursework assignments. 

Practice assessment is carried out by a mentor and sign off mentor on a 'pass/fail' basis.  Formative assessment is by student-led seminars and structured portfolio.

Entry Requirements

  • Students should hold a nursing qualification and have previously registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
  • Evidence of ability to study at chosen academic level (Level 6 or Level 7).
  • Meet the NMC requirements in relation to good health and good character.

Fees and Financial Support

The course fees and a bursary may be paid dependent on your geographical location and other factors. 

For East of England, click here for guidance provided by the NHS Health Education East of England.

Course Dates and Interviews

Programme run twice per year commencing in March and September 

Interviews are held in January and May

Application Closing Dates

Unless otherwise notified, the application closing dates are shown below.

Module Start Date Closing Date for Applications
September Application deadline is 31st May
February to March Application deadline is 23rd December


If you would like more information about this module or any of our other Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules please contact us on 01603 597199 or email

Module Organiser

Gary Parlett, School of Health Sciences

How to Apply

See our How to Apply page for further details.

If you require assistance with your application then email us at or call

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