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Useful sites to assist you with background reading about genetics and help identify resources relating to understand concepts about medical genetics, human genomics or cancer genetics.

Education Resources to assist you as you study Education Resources to assist you as you study

NHS Genetics Education for Healthcare

If the answer to any of the following questions is yes there will be some useful information and resources for you at this website.

  • Are you learning or teaching human genetics?
  • Are you are in clinical practice and planning to communicate genetic information?
  • Do you want to access e-learning resources or a free image library?
  • Do you want to know what the expected standards are for understanding genetics by healthcare professionals?

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)

This is a curated and regularly updated database of all Mendelian disorders. It describes about 4,000 individual diseases.

Each OMIM entry has its own specific number linked to a disease and associated gene variants. Standard nomenclature is used that is congruent with that used by the Human Genome Organisation.

The research that led to the identification of key genetic variants, many of which will be kindred-specific or private mutations, is comprehensively described.

Genetics Home Reference

This is a simpler database than OMIM. It lists and describes about 1000 traits including common monogenic disorders and is curated by the United States’ National Library of Medicine. It also has a useful educational handbook.

Human Genome Project

Educational pages about the Human Genome Project are curated by the United States’ National Genetic Research Institute.

International HapMap Project

This site catalogues the common genetic variants found in human genomes and how these are linked on chromosomes. Chromosome regions with linked variants are known as haplotypes and maps of haplotypes in populations with African or Asian or European Ancestries have been determined by this international consortium.

The Public Health Genetics Foundation

This is the website for a health policy think-tank with a focus on how genetic medicine and new technologies can have an impact on public health. It presents resources for education, research, and policy development in the field of human genomics.