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Creating a Culture for Innovation and Change (Level 7)



UEA, Norwich

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Course Description

The module aims to enable leaders to manage the business and resources (including people) to meet external targets and drivers by enhancing their understanding of the political, policy and business drivers impacting on the strategic operational management and leadership of their organisation and of healthcare per se.

What will I learn?

By the end of the module the practitioner will demonstrate:

• Critical appraisal of the political, social, technical, economic, organisational and professional environment and its impact on service delivery;

• Evaluation of current legislation, policy and evidence;

• Utilisation of creative ways to influence the wider organisation/sector;

• Expert application of assertiveness skills;

• Expertise in identifying, developing and influencing networks to influence best practice in service delivery-

• Critical appraisal of a diverse range of evidence and datasets to inform the development of a systematic and well-argued business case;

• Evidence of effective decision-making with well-argued rationale;

• Developing strategic awareness.

These feed into the CLF competencies:

5.1 Identifying the contexts for change • Demonstrate awareness of the political, social, technical, economic, organisational and professional environment; • Understand and interpret relevant legislation and accountability frameworks; • Anticipate and prepare for the future by scanning for ideas, best practice and emerging trends that will have an impact on health outcomes; • Develop and communicate aspirations.

5.3 Making decisions • Participate in and contribute to organisational decision-making processes; • Act in a manner consistent with the values and priorities of their organisation and profession; • Educate and inform key people who influence and make decisions; • Contribute their unique perspective to team, department, system and organisational decisions.


Study Dates

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Course Director

Kate Delves-Yates

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