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An Introduction to Sign-along: Alternative and Augmentative Communication



University of East Anglia

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Mental Health and Learning Disabilities, Social Care & Welfare, Nursing, Medicine, Midwifery, Allied Health Professionals, Ambulance Service, Operating Department, Psychology, Health and Social Care


Unaccredited short course


One day


To be confirmed

This introductory course will build awareness of different forms of Alternative and Augmentative communication and enable you to adapt your communication to interact with others. We will explore a range of alternative communication strategies including objects of reference, pictures, and sign language and you will be introduced to the Sign-along system of sign language by a registered Sign-along tutor.

The course will focus on health literacy within a health context, and participants will be provided with the Health Matters Signalong Manual on completion of the course. We will cover the concept of adopting a total communication approach and the context of symbolic development before exploring the philosophy and methodology of Sign-along and teaching vocabulary. You will learn approximately 60 core vocabulary signs, and develop the necessary skills to be able to read and produce any sign in the vast signalong vocabulary.

The Signalong approach to sign-supported communication offers service providers and practitioners a consistent method of accessing the largest published vocabulary of signs based on British Sign Language. This workshop will enable practitioners to use the Signalong Text-a-Sign and Sign Library Service whereby signs can be accurately acquired and used in-situ at any time.

What will I learn?

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the purpose and use of augmentative forms of communication including objects of reference, pictures and photographs and sign language
  • To understand the importance of symbolic understanding and generalisation to be able to augment communication methods to interact and communicate with others
  • To communicate effectively using a total communication approach
  • To understand the signalong method of communication to be able to use key word signs to communicate with children and adults that sign

How will I learn?

Face to face learning

How to Apply

Please register your interest for the this course using the link below. We'll be in touch to inform you of the course date, providing at least 12 weeks notice.

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