Module Choices and Enrolment Module Choices and Enrolment

In the first year of our MTH degrees, all the modules are compulsory. Therefore students are automatically enrolled onto these modules when then start their degree. In subsequent years, some or all of the modules are optional, and students are required to choose what they wish to study (within the parameters set by their Course Profile) at some point around Easter of the year before.

The School runs a module fair where the lecturers for each of the optional modules give a short presentation about their module. Written guidence, copies of the presentations, and draft module syllabuses are available below. Students are also encouraged to consult their academic adviser about their choices.

Although module choices have to be made at an early stage to help with timetabling, it is usually possible for a student to switch modules later on if they change their mind. (Some non-MTH modules may become full up though, so it may not be possible to take them if you do not sign up for them in the initial module enrolment period.)

General Course and Module Information

2017 Module Fair for 2017/18 Choices

The MTH module fair takes place on Thursday 16th March 2017, from 9:00-11:00 in room LT1. The module enrolment process will be explained, and there will be short presentations on each of the option modules that are running next year. All continuing students are encouraged to attend.

Further information about the modules that will be running in 2017/18 can be found on Blackboard by following the SCI Student Zone link under "My Organisations", and then choosing Module Choices 2017/18 from the left-hand menu, and finally clicking on the appropriate school.

The choices you have for your modules are defined by your Course Profile. In each year you may have a number of compulsory modules, and a number of "Option Groups" where you are required to choose a number of modules from a list. You can view this information in eVision, by following the "Course Profiles" link on the main page. Make sure you select the correct Academic Year for you choices for next year, as the system will default to showing you the current year.