William's experience of studying mathematics at UEA William's experience of studying mathematics at UEA

Why did you choose to study mathematics at UEA?

I didn't know so much about the area or the university before visiting as it is a long way from home, but the department was really friendly on the Open Day. Also, the year abroad looked just right for me - I really wanted the chance to study for a year in North America.

What are your career plans, and how do you think your degree course is helping you to achieve these goals?

I'm still not sure what I want to do for a career.  I have already done an internship at a Solidworks, a software development company specialising in algorithms for rendering in computer graphics. I realised then that presenting my results to other people was really important and I'm now getting lots of chances to improve this through the project work which is part of the course here.

What advice would you give to new students?

Sign-up to as many clubs and societies as possible right at the start of your course. You will meet loads of people and you can always drop some activities later on. It is easier that way than trying to take up extra things later. University is supposed to be the best time of your life, but don't expect that to happen without some effort. You have got to put yourself out there and get actively involved. What's stopping you?

Now in your second year, how are you finding rented accommodation in Norwich?

We found our house through Homerun which is a university run estate agent, specifically for students. It is also a great way to find extra house mates. We looked at three houses and opted for the third one, about 15 minutes' cycle ride from the university, but on a direct bus route and very convenient for the city. In Norwich there is lots of decent rental accommodation, so there is no need to go for the first house you see in a mad panic.

Do you take part in any sports at UEA and if so, how have you found the facilities?

I play mainly racket sports, especially tennis. On campus there are six outdoor courts with indoor courts close-by. I also play football after work on Fridays with Mathsoc, including some of the more athletic Maths lecturers!