Building Links between Mathematics and Industry Building Links between Mathematics and Industry

"Enterprise Club" is a PhD-student lead initiative in the School of Mathematics. The aim is that our mathematicians become more aware of how their knowledge can be applied to many areas of industry. We are trying to establish close ties between UEA and local industries, applying our current research to the challenges faced in their work.

About us

We are aware that there is a growing disparity between the research done in academia and in industry. With most industry research there is a tendency to over simplify, while in academia the usual approach is to work on overly idealised models.

These diverging attitudes are counter-productive to progress, since the advanced techniques and discoveries found by UEA mathematicians are not being applied in industry. This leads to independent research rather than consulting with UEA directly, limiting our opportunities and impact on the local area. Also, years of solving mathematical problems provides an excellent foundation for us to act as consultants . We have the correct mindset to tackle complex industrial problems, even when they aren't directly related to our research. Previous study groups between UEA and local industries have shown that both parties highly benefit from the experience.

By establishing this club we hope that we can pave the way for future collaborations between academics and industry. This will not only stimulate research in UEA, but will allow for new techniques to be introduced in our local companies leading to more efficient and effective work. As a consequence of this, job opportunities will increase for UEA graduates who wish to pursue a career outside of academia.

What's going on?

The maths enterprise club organised a trip to the Hethel Engineering Centre on 24/04/2014, which was a rousing success. UEA are now aware of the work being undertaken by Hethel and vice versa, and we are now discussing organising study groups with suitable companies at Hethel.

We plan to extend our networks to other companies in East Anglia and we plan to invite guest speakers to UEA in the Autumn semester to give us a taste of maths is applied in industry.

Further information

For further information about the Mathematics Enterprise Club, please contact John Schofield or Julia Docampo.