Read about the different ways in which we can work with your business Read about the different ways in which we can work with your business

UEA mathematicians have a proven track record of working with outside organisations. This page describes the many different ways in which we can use our expertise to help businesses.

Informal Seminars

An easy way to 'test the water' and see if there is interest and suitable expertise in a particular problem would be to give an informal talk to our Applied Mathematics Research Group. You may get some useful suggestions on the day, and also the possiblity of ongoing interest in your problem from our academics.

Study Groups

Members of the School of Mathematics are regular participants at Industrial Study Groups, where a group of mathematicians from around the world gather for a week to work intensively on problems brought by outside companies. The companies pay to bring a problem, and in return benefit from discussions with academics during the week and a formal report produced afterwards. In 2012, the School of Mathematics at UEA hosted the 85th European Study Group with Industry.

Undergraduate Final Year Projects

If a small well-defined problem you have might benefit from some work by a fourth-year undergraduate or masters student, it might form a suitable basis for a project for a final-year Master of Mathematics student. In return for sponsorship from the company, a student will spend 1/3 of the their year working on an agreed project, under the direction of an academic adviser from the School of Mathematics. For more information contact the Director of Teaching, Prof Emilian Parau.

Student Internships

For larger and/or more complex problems an internship may be more appropriate. With support from an academic partner in the School of Mathematics, a graduate student can spend 3–6 months working full time at your company.

Industrial CASE PhD Studentships

For larger projects that would benefit from a longer period of work, companies can help define a PhD project in collaboration with an academic supervisor from the School of Mathematics. Funding comes jointly from the company and an academic source. For further details, please contact the Mathematics Director of Postgraduate Research, Dr Vanessa Miemietz.


Companies can take advantage of the expertise of UEA researchers by employing them to act as consultants. For further details and case studies, see UEA Consultancy & Advice.

Sponsored Research

Faculty members can be commissioned to carry out specific research on behalf of a company. For further details, see UEA Sponsored Research.