Poetics forthcoming events Poetics forthcoming events


22-23 April 2016: UEA Poetry Festival



1 March: Reading: Frances Leviston, Linda Russo, Take 5, 17 Tombland, 7.30pm.

11 February: A celebration of RF Langley (in collaboration with Writers’ Centre Norwich and PN Review). Readers to include Julia Blackburn, Helen MacDonald, JH Prynne and Matthew Welton. Dragon Hall, King St, 7.30pm.

19 January 2016: Reading: Peter Gizzi, Jennifer Cooke, Meryl Pugh, UEA Drama Studio, 8pm.

3 December: Reading: Melissa Lee-Houghton, Bobby Parker, Take 5, 17 Tombland, 7.30pm.

26 November: Seminar: Laura Kilbride, ‘Poetry, Eloquence, Liberty: Swinburne’s Odes’, Literature Research Seminar, Arts 2.08, 5.15pm

11 November: Workshop: Pedro Serrano and Anna Crowe, Literary Translation Workshop, 5pm.

29 October: Workshop: Edwin Kelly, ‘Translating Julian of Norwich’, Literary Translation Workshop, Julian Study Centre 1.02, 5pm.

22 October, 2015: Reading: Emily Critchley, Anna Reckin, Iain Rowley, Take 5, 17 Tombland, 7.30pm.

15 May: Seminar: Peter Hughes, ‘Versions of Petrarch’, Literary Translation Seminar, Arts 3.07, 5pm.

17-18 April: UEA Poetry Festival

17 April: Readings organised by the MA Creative Writing Poetry cohort, Aroma Café/Bar, 5 Upper King St, 7.30pm.

18 April: UEA Drama Studio. £10, £5 concessions. £3/£2 for entry to the final reading.

1.30-2.30pm: Kate Duckney, Angus Sinclair, Jo Surzyn, Adam Warne

[picnic/barbecue break]

4.15pm-5.15pm: Laura Elliott, Rebecca Perry, Sam Solomon

6pm-7pm: Francesca Lisette, Samantha Walton

7.30pm-9pm: Andrea Brady, Juliana Spahr

17 March: Reading: Bill Manhire and Laurie Duggan, Julian Study Centre 3.02, 7.30pm.

5 March: Seminar: Jarad Zimbler, ‘“All the formative forces”: Guy Butler’s Poetry and Poetics Reconsidered’, Literature Research Seminar, Arts 2.85, 5.15pm.

17 February 2015: Reading: Vahni Capildeo and Amy De’Ath, Take 5, 17 Tombland, 7.30pm.

12 February 2015: Seminar: Laurence Bradby, ‘Translating from the Visual /Translating the Body’, Literary Translation Seminar, Arts 3.07, 5pm.

27 January 2015: Reading: Tiffany Atkinson, Andrea Holland, and Sophie Robinson, UEA Drama Studio, 7.30pm.

27 November 2014: Seminar: Josephine Balmer, ‘Piecing Together the Fragments’, Literary Translation Workshop, Arts 3.07, 5pm.

13 November 2014: Seminar: Simon Jarvis, ‘Superversive Poetics: Robert Browning and the Mereology of Poems’, Literature Research Seminar, Arts 2.07, 5.15pm.

23 October 2014: Seminar: Matthew Campbell, ‘The Irish Longing for Rhyme: Cover versions, form, and sound in the recent Irish lyric’, Literature Research Seminar, Arts 2.07, 5.15pm.

21 October 2014: Reading: Mopha Collective (Holly Pester, Patrick Coyle, Emma Bennett, SJ Fowler, James Wilkes and Tamarin Norwood), UEA Drama Studio, 7.30pm.

23rd May 2014: Seminar, Professor Charles Altieri (UC Berkeley), 'Towards a Phenomenology of Imagination: the Case of Ashbery's "The Instruction Manual"' (respondent: Dr. Daniel Kane (Sussex)), Arts 01.03, 2-4 pm followed by wine reception

22nd May 2014: Poetry Reading and Translation Discussion, 'Experimenting with Petrarch', Tim Atkins + Peter Hughes + Will Rossiter, Arts 01.06, 5.30pm

15th April 2014: Poetry Reading and Eggbox Pamphlet Launch, Sam Riviere + Tom Warner, Take 5, 17 Tombland, 7.30pm

20 February 2014: Seminar, Dr. Deborah Bowman, ‘Philip Larkin in the Maison Domino: vers libre, plan libre, and post-war stanzaic reconstruction’. UEA Campus: ARTS 2.07, 5.15-7pm.

13 February 2014: Poetry Reading, Sean Bonney + Frances Kruk + Doug Jones. Take 5, 17 Tombland, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 1HF. 7pm.

14 January 2014: Poetry Reading, Denise Riley + Sophie Robinson. UEA Drama Studio, 7pm.

5 December 2013: Poetry Reading, Jean Portante + Zoë Skoulding + PhDs in literary translation (Arts 01.06).

4 December 2013: Seminar, Prof. Jean Boase-Beier, ‘Translating the Poetry of the Holocaust’. UEA Campus: ARTS 2.03, 5-7pm.

23 November 2013: Symposium, Beyond the Border: The Vancouver Poetry Conference (1963) http://www.uea.ac.uk/american-studies/news-and-events/beyond-the-border-the-vancouver-poetry-conference-1963-

21 November 2013: Seminar, Prof. Clive Scott, ‘Translation and the Expansion of Rhythm’. UEA Campus: ARTS 2.03, 5-7pm.

19 November 2013: Poems for the Road: A Farewell Reading for George Szirtes (poets include Andrea Holland, Sam Riviere and Jack Underwood). UEA Drama Studio, 7pm.

14 November 2013: Seminar, Dr Ben Etherington (University of Western Sydney), ‘Cellular Scansion: Creolization as Poetic Practice in Brathwaite's Rights of Passage’. UEA Campus: ARTS 2.05, 5.15-7pm.

5 November 2013: Poetry Reading, Translating the Poetry of the Holocaust, with Prof Jean Boase-Beier and Dr Marian de Vooght. The Forum Norwich, Library Training Room. 1.30-2.30pm.

31 October 2013: Poetry Reading, Michael Haslam + Laura Kilbride + Rebecca Tamás. Take 5, 17 Tombland, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 1HF. 7pm.