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Berry, Emily (current PhD)
Next Generation poets 2014
Stingray Fevers (2008)
Dear Boy (2013) – Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection winner (2013); Hawthornden Prize winner; Fenton Aldeburgh First Collection Prize shortlist (2013)

Bueno, Bernardo (2013)
Minimundo (2006) - winner South, National and Books Literary Award Best New Author prize (2007); shortlisted Acorianos Award for Best Short Story Collection (2007)
Lecturer: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Byers, Sam (MA 2003; PhD 2014)
Idiopathy (2013) – Betty Trask Award winner (2014); Costa First Novel Award shortlist (2013); Desmond Elliott Prize longlist (2014)

Campbell, Aifric (MA 2003, PhD 2007)
The Semantics of Murder (2008) - Glen Dimplex New Writers Award for Fiction shortlist (2008)
The Loss Adjustor (2010)
On The Floor (2012) - Orange Prize for Fiction longlist (2012)

Cleminshaw, Suzanne (PhD 1991)
The Great Ideas (1999) - Whitbread First Novel Award shortlist (1999)

Cowie, Douglas (MA 2000, PhD 2007)
Owen Noone and the Maurauder (2005)
Sing For Life: Tin Pan Alley (2013)
Sing For Life: Away, You Rolling River (2014)
Senior Lecturer: Royal Holloway, University of London

Faqir, Fadia (PhD, 1990)
Nisanit (1990)
Pillars of Salt (1996) - ALOA Literary Award shortlist (Denmark, 2001)
In the House of Silence: Autobiographical Essays by Arab Women Writers (editor, 1998)
My Name is Salma (2007)
Willow Trees Don’t Weep (2014)
Writing Fellow: Durham University

Fish, Laura (MA 2002, PhD 2007)
Flight of Black Swans (1995)
Strange Music (2008) - Orange Prize for Fiction longlist (2009)
Senior Lecturer: University of Northumbria

Gibbs, Jonathan (MA 2009; PhD 2014)
Randall (2014)
Tutor: University of East Anglia

Goar, Jim (PhD 2012)
Whole Milk (2006)
Seoul Bus Poems (2010)
The Louisiana Purchase (2011)
The Dustbowl (2014)

Habila, Helon (current PhD)
Waiting for an Angel (2002) – Commonwealth Writers Prize Best First Book
Measuring Time (2007)
Oil on the Water (2010) - Commonwealth Writers' Prize, Africa Best Book shortlist (2011)
The Granta Book of the African Short Story (editor, 2011)
Associate Professor: George Mason University, USA

Hamilton, Nathan (BA 2004; MA 2005; current PhD)
Dear World & Everyone In It: New Poetry in the UK (editor, 2013)
Tutor: University of East Anglia

Harper, Graeme (aka Brooke Biaz, PhD 1997)
Black Cat, Green Field (1998) - National Book Council Award for New Fiction (Australia, 1998); NSW Premier's Award (Australia, 1998)
Swallowing Film: Short Film Fiction (2000)
Colonial and Postcolonial Incarceration (2000)
Comedy, Fantasy and Colonialism (2001)
Dancing on the Moon (2004)
Signs of Life: Cinema and Medicine (with A.Moor and KC Calman, 2005)
Teaching Creative Writing (2006)
Small Maps of the World (2006)
The Unsilvered Screen: Cinema and Surrealism (with R.Stone, 2007)
Creative Writing Studies: Practice, Research, Pedagogy (with J.Kroll, 2007)
Moon Dance (2007)
On Creative Writing (2010)
Research Methods in Creative Writing (with J.Kroll, 2011)
Key Issues in Creative Writing (with D. Donnelly, 2012)
Inside Creative Writing: Interviews with Contemporary Writers (2012)
A Companion to Creative Writing (editor, 2013)
New Ideas in the Creative Arts (editor, 2013)
Making Up: Research in Creative Writing (2013)
Professor: Oakland University, USA

Harris, Jane (MA 1992, PhD 1995)
The Observations (2006) – Waterstone’s Newcomer of the Year Best Novel shortlist; Waterstone's 25 Authors for the Future (2007); Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction Best Novel shortlist; Glen Dimplex Award shortlist (2006); Saltire Society First Book of the Year Award shortlist; British Book Awards Newcomer of the Year shortlist (2007); South Bank Show/Times Breakthrough Award sortlist (2007)
Gillespie and I (2011) - Galaxy National Book Awards Popular Fiction Book of the Year shortlist (2011); Orange Prize for Fiction longlist (2012)

Hirson, Denis (PhD 2004)
The House Next Door to Africa (1987)
We Walk Straight So You Better Get Out Of The Way (2005)
I Remember King Kong (The Boxer) (2005)
White Scars: On Reading and Rites of Passage (2006) - SA Sunday Times Alan Paton Non-Fiction Prize runner-up (2007)
Gardening in the Dark (2008)
The Dancing and the Death on Lemon Street (2012) - Commonwealth Book Prize shortlist (2012)

House, Richard (PhD 2008)
Bruiser (1997) - Ferro Grumley Gay Fiction Award shortlist (1998)
Uninvited (2002)
Sutler (part 1 of The Kills, 2013)
The Massive (part 2 of The Kills, 2013)
The Kill (part 3 of The Kills, 2013)
The Hit (part 4 of The Kills, 2013)
The Kills (2013) – Man Booker Prize longlist (2013); Blue Carnation Prize shortlist (2013); South Bank Sky Arts Award shortlist (2014); Gordon Burn Prize shortlist (2014)
Lecturer: University of Birmingham

Joseph, Anjali (MA 2008, current PhD)
Saraswati Park (2010) - Betty Trask Award winner (2011); Desmond Elliott Prize winner (2011); The Hindu Best Fiction Award shortlist (2010); Amazon Rising Stars shortlist (2010); Commonwealth Writers; Prize, South Asia and Europe Best First Book shortlist (2011); Royal Society of Literature Ondaatje Prize shortlist (2011); Vodaphone Crossword Book Award co-winner (2011)
Another Country (2012) - Man Asian Literary Prize longlist (2013)

Kapur, Vikram (PhD 2009)
There Is A Fire (2002)
The Wages of Life (2004)
Associate Professor: Shiv Nadar University, India

Kissick, Gary (PhD 2007)
Winter In Volcano (2000)
Another Kissing Couple Has Exploded (2007)
Lecturer: University of Maryland European Division

Lambert, Charles (MA 1996, PhD)
Credits include:
The Wolves of Kromer (2001)
Caterpillars (with Laura Bridgeman, BBC Radio Scotland, 2012)

Langeskov, Philip (MA 2009; PhD 2013)
David Higham Award 2008
Barcelona (2014)
Lecturer: University of East Anglia

Lehoczky, Agnes (MA 2006; PhD 2010)
ikszedik stacio (Hungary, 2000)
Medalion (Hungary, 2002)
Budapest to Babel (2008)
Poetry, the Geometry of the Living Substance: Four Essays on Agnes Nemes Nagy (2011)
Rememberer (2012)
Carillonneur (2014)
Lecturer: University of Sheffield

Lightman, Ira (PhD 1996)
Duetcetera (2008)
Mustard Tart As Lemon (2011)
I, Love Poetry (2012)
Phone In The Roll (2011)

Miano, Sarah Emily (MA 2002, PhD 2007)
Encyclopedia of Snow (2004)
Van Rijn (2006)

Moses, Antoinette (MA 2004, PhD 2009)
Numerous books of language learner literature for children and young adults, including:
John Doe (1999)
Dolphin Music (1999)
Jojo's Story (2000) - winner of Extensive Reading Award (2005)
Frozen Pizza and other slices of life (2002)
Let Me Out (2006) - winner of Extensive Reading Award (2007)
Book Boy (2010) Scriptwriting credits include: Autumn (Norwich Castle Museum, 2001) - winner Playwrights East competition (2001)
The Colours In Between (Hotbed Festival of New Writing, 2002)
Break Out (2007) - Wolsey Theatre's 'Summer Shorts' winner (2007)
Cuts (2008) - Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust award longlist (2008)
Credits include:
Rehearsed readings, Cambridge (Menagerie Theatre Company) and Norwich
Lecturer: University of East Anglia

Murray, Tiffany (MA 1999, PhD 2006)
Happy Accidents (2004) - Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Writing Best Novel shortlist (2005)
Diamond Star Halo (2010) - Bollinger Everyman Wodenhouse Prize for Comic Writing Best Novel shortlist (2010)
The Bathing Pools (2011)
Senior Lecturer: University of Glamorgan

Neale, Derek (MA 1993, PhD 1997)
A Creative Writing Handbook: developing dramatic technique, individual style and voice (2009)
Writing Fiction (2009, with Linda Anderson)
Life Writing (2009, with Sara Haslam)
The Book of Guardians (2012)
Senior Lecturer: Open University

Øhrstrøm, Louise (current PhD)
Efter Rosinen (Denmark, 2010) - Munch Christensen Kulturlegat winner (Denmark 2010)
Tutor: University of East Anglia

Pugh, Meryl (PhD 2013)
Relinquish (2007)
The Bridle (2011)

Purvis, Meghan (MA 2006; PhD 2011)
Winner The Times Stephen Spender Prize (2011)
Beowulf (new translation, 2013)

Riviere, Sam (PhD 2013)
Eric Gregory Award 2009
Faber New Poets 7 (2010)
81 Austerities (2012) - The Felix Dennis prize for Best First Collection winner (2012)
Standard Twin Fantasy (2014)

Robertson, Eliza (MA 2012, current PhD)
Man Booker Scholarship (2011)
Commonwealth Short Story Prize winner (2013)
Wallflowers (2015)
Tutor: University of East Anglia

Robinson, Iain (PhD 2009)
The Buyer (2014)
Tutor: University of East Anglia

Sherwood, Barrie (PhD 2008)
The Pillow Book of Lady Kasa (2000)
Escape from Amsterdam (2007)
Assistant Professor: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Simons, Jake Wallis (PhD, 2009)
The Exiled Times of a Tibetan Jew (2005)
The English German Girl (2011)
The Pure (2012, as Jake Simons)
Jam (2014)

Sinclair, Clive (BA 1969, PhD 1983)
Granta Best of Young British Novelists 1983
Bibliosexuality (1973)
Hearts of Gold (1980)
Somerset Maugham Award winner (1981)
Bed Bugs (1982)
The Brothers Singer (1983)
Blood Libels (1985)
Diaspora Blues: View of Israel (1987)
Cosmetic Effects (1989)
For Good or Evil (1991)
Augustus Rex (1992)
Ivor Abrahams (1994)
The Lady with the Laptop (1996) - PEN Silver Pen Prize winner (1997); Jewish Quarterly Prize winner (1997)
Kidneys in the Mind: A Lecture (1996)
A Soap Opera From Hell: The Facts of Life and the Facts of Death (1998)
Meet the Wife (2002)
Clive Sinclair's True Tales of the Wild West (2008)
Death & Texas (2014) - Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award longlist (2014)

Smith, Dennison (MA 2012; current PhD)
Scavenger (1998)
Anon Necessity (2010)
Fermata (2012)
The Eye of the Day (2014)
Tutor: University of East Anglia

Soobramanien, Natasha (MA 2002; PhD 2010)
Genie and Paul (2012) - Amazon Rising Stars shortlist (2012)

Stannard, Julian (PhD)
Rina's War (2001)
The Red Zones (2007)
The Parrots of Villa Gruber Discover Lapis Lazuli (2011)
The Street of Perfect Love (2014)
Reader: University of Winchester

Tamas, Rebecca (current PhD)
The Ophelia Letters (2013) - Saboteur Award (Best Poetry Pamphlet) shortlist (2014) 

Wainaina, Binyavanga (Mphil 2010)
One Day I Will Write About This Place (2011)
Writing Fellow: Bard College, USA

Waldegrave, Katie (MA 2007; PhD 2012)
The Poets' Daughters: Dora Wordsworth and Sara Coleridge (2013)

Wilson, D.W. (MA 2010; PhD 2014)
Booker Foundation Scholarship (2009)
Once You Break a Knuckle (2011) - British Columbia Book Prize shortlist (2012); Dylan Thomas Prize shortlist (2012); Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award longlist (2012)
BBC National Short Story Award winner (2011)
Ballistics (2013) - Desmond Elliott Prize shortlist (2014)
Tutor: University of East Anglia

Wood, Naomi (MA 2008; PhD 2013)
The Godless Boys (2011) - Amazon Rising Stars shortlist (2011)
; British Library Eccles Centre Writer-in-Residence Award (2012)
Mrs Hemingway (2014) - Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize winner (2014); Dylan Thomas Prize longlist (2014)
Lecturer: Goldsmiths College, University of London

Woods, Gregory (PhD 1983)
We Have the Melon (1992)
May I Say Nothing (1998)
The District Commissioner's Dreams (2002)
Quidnunc (2007)
An Ordinary Dog (2011)
Very Soon I Shall Know (2012)
Professor: Nottingham Trent University