Daniel Foster received his PhD from the University of Chicago Comparative Literature Department and has since held fellowships at the University of Cambridge, University of Pennsylvania, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Before coming to UEA, Daniel was an Associate Professor at Duke University. His first book, Wagner’s Ring Cycle and the Greeks (Cambridge, 2010) focuses on Wagner’s use of Greek drama and literature in the Ring. His second book, The Minstrel’s Progress: From British Bards to American Blackface, 1750 to 1850 (under consideration by Oxford University Press), focuses on how the eighteenth-century revival of minstrelsy in Great Britain influenced nineteenth-century American blackface. His other research, teaching, and practical interests include radio, new media, and sound studies.

Key Research Interests

Daniel’s research focuses broadly on literature, music, and drama. He has published on opera, minstrelsy, and Romantic literature and music. His more recent interests are in radio, new media, and sound studies.

Teaching Interests

Daniel Foster currently teaches Reading Plays and The Question of Genre. In 2013-14 he will teach new modules, Audio Drama and Opera and Literature.