Dalit Literature and/in Translation Dalit Literature and/in Translation

Dalit Literature and / in Translation

An international conference at the British Centre for Literary Translation,

University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

Monday 29 June - Tuesday 30 June 2015

This conference is the fourth event hosted by the AHRC-funded Research Network ‘Writing, Analysing, Translating Dalit Literature’, which promotes a multi-disciplinary dialogue on Indian literature produced by Dalits (formerly known as Untouchables) by hosting a series of workshops and conferences on the production, translation, dissemination and analysis of Dalit literature. This network seeks to bring together scholars in the field of literary and cultural studies, translation studies, postcolonial studies, South Asian literatures, history and cultures to discuss this fascinating corpus of literary texts. Dalit literature is the most significant development in Indian literature in the last three decades, but it has received surprisingly little attention from academics outside India. We invite scholars to attend who are not necessarily experts on Dalit literature, in order to encourage a wide-ranging discussion on the translation of Dalit texts.

After the first events of the series in Nottingham and Leicester (June 2014) and Montpellier (October 2014), the theme of this two-day conference at UEA will be the analysis of the concepts of literary and cultural translation in relation to Dalit literature. We invite papers that explore the specific challenges that are involved in the translation of Dalit literature from one vernacular language to another, or from one vernacular language to a European language. What are the differences between translating Dalit literature into an Indian vernacular language and a European language? We are also interested in exploring the ways in which different readerships are inscribed in Dalit texts and how translation responds to, or reacts against, this inscription. To what extent are the translated texts re-encoded for a different audience, pan-Indian, non-Dalit or global? The politics of which texts are selected for translation, or not selected, will also be examined. Participants will be encouraged to analyse the ways Dalit literature performs a translation of subaltern and often oral art forms, and to explore how this form of cultural translation translates, or does not translate, into different languages. Ultimately, which features of Dalit literature resist translation? What is left out and irredeemably lost? These questions will be asked about literary texts and their translations but also about films, videos and other documentaries. The many ways caste and Dalitness travel, or do not travel, from one language to another, through subtitles and their translations, will also be considered.

Call for papers closed.

AHRC-funded Research Network Series, 2014-16: http://pays-anglophones.upv.univ-montp3.fr/?page_id=996

Principal Investigator Dr Nicole Thiara, Centre for Postcolonial Studies at Nottingham Trent University, UK; nicole.thiara@ntu.ac.uk

Co-Investigator Dr Judith Misrahi-Barak, EMMA, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier, France; judith.misrahi-barak@univ-montp3.fr

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