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Leafcutter Ants and their Antibiotics

Leafcutter ants on TV

Matt Hutchings will be talking about ants and antibiotics on the BBC4 programme Michael Mosley vs the Superbugs on 17th May 2017. You can watch it again here:
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New funding from BBSRC

BBSRC have awarded us £450,000 to generate tools to activate antibiotic production in actinomycete bacteria. This is aimed at switching on cryptic molecules which are not usually made under standard laboratory conditions. 
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New funding from NERC

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) just awarded us £1M to address the following problem: Partner choice: How does a host select and control its microbiome? We are very grateful to NERC for consistently supporting this research through responsive mode funding and funding for outreach and impact. The latest grant will be used to employ research staff in Matt Hutchings lab...
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Public events

We'll be taking part in the Antibiotic Hunters exhibit with the John Innes Centre in November and our application to take the same exhibit to the Big Bang Science fair next year has also been accepted. The ants are going on tour!
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A week of inspirational science

What an amazing time we all had at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition . Honour, pride and privilege are all words that spring immediately to mind but most all it was inspiring to see the quality of the science on offer, to be in the hallowed halls of the Royal Society building and to meet such enthusiastic and engaged members of the public, including lots of UEA Alumni. I love...
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