Let's Talk Let's Talk

Let's Talk

across languages, cultures and outlooks

A Public Roundtable

Friday 1 July 2011, 12.30-14.00, Thomas Paine Study Centre UEA

The roundtable will mark the close of the international CCPII Cross-cultural Pragmatics Conference organised by the School of Language and Communication Studies at the University of East Anglia 29 June - 1 July 2011 on the theme of Cross-cultural Pragmatics: Linguistic and Cultural Representations across Media.

Let's Talk will celebrate the partnership between the UEA, its local host community, and communities beyond by bringing together representatives of all parties to share their perspectives on the challenges of communication across and between languages and cultures.

It will mark the launch of a programme of activities on the same theme run by the School of Language and Communication studies and culminating in Spring 2012 with a ‘Norwich – City of Interculture' interactive event at the Forum in Norwich.

Let's Talk is open to the public and will involve local political figures and representatives from local providers of education, community and cultural services, invited to contribute to the debate about issues central to community relations in our world today. The media (BBC, ITV, local newspapers) will also be invited, both to play an active part in the roundtable and to help us disseminate it.

Let's Talk will be chaired by the eminent locally born sociolinguist Professor Peter Trudgill and set in motion with contributions by the six guest speakers at the CCPII conference. Each will briefly outline the benefits of their work for society before discussion is shared with the audience.

Recordings of the roundtable will be posted on our website and disseminated by various other means, including other ‘Norwich - City of Interculture' events organised by the School of Language and Communication Studies over the coming months.