Selected journals, papers and volumes Selected journals, papers and volumes


There are several journals to which papers can be submitted, including, for example:

Edited Volumes

Please note that these are POSSIBLE publication outlets: delegates are invited to submit revised abstracts to editors identified below, but volume proposals are reviewed by external reviewers chosen by Publishers and outcomes decided by them.

  • Volume 1 - working title "Metaphor in cross-cultural communication", Eds Andreas Musolff et al. Proposal to John Benjamins (Series: Metaphor in Language, Cognition, and Communication). Revised abstracts to be submitted to Professor Musolff by 30 September 2011 ( (please see guidelines below)
  • Volume 2 – working title "Representation across Cultures, Modes and Media: A multimodal view on intercultural communication", Eds Giulio Pagani et al. Proposal to J Benjamins , Routledge or De Gruyter Mouton. Revised abstracts to be submitted to Dr Pagani by 30 September 2011 ( (please see guidelines below)

Abstracts should give a clear account of research questions. theoretical context, data, methodology and research outcome and should not be programmatic (600 words maximum, excluding references).

Please address queries about the volumes to prospective editors at or

For Papers in French

Special issue Cahiers de Praxématique. Editor special Issue: Farid Aitsiselmi. Further details about the volume and submission of abstracts to be disseminated by the editor once confirmed.

Plenary Papers

The plenary papers will be published in a Special Issue of the journal Language and Intercultural Communication in early 2013 (Provisional title ‘Intercultural Communication at a Theoretical and Methodological Crossroads: Cultural and Media Interfaces'; ed. M-N Guillot).