Sales discourse, Europe as metaphor, plus special guest lecture Sales discourse, Europe as metaphor, plus special guest lecture

Estate Agent Speak

A recent Research Seminar series kicked off with a presentation by Dr Gabrina Pounds entitled "This property offers much character and charm". The expression of evaluation in the discourse of online property advertising. The presentation explored the nature of positive evaluation in advertising discourse with particular reference to the promotional strategies used by estate agencies in England and Italy in their online property descriptions. One of the questions addressed was the extent to which differences in expressive choices may reflect differences in cultural values. Mason Burrell from Arnolds Estate Agents in Eaton, Norwich, accepted our invitation to attend this first presentation and his contribution added an interesting insider's view of the motivations and promotional strategies employed by estate agents and sparked off a lively discussion at the end of the talk. For further information on these seminars, please contact

Britain at the heart of Europe: scenes from the life of a political metaphor

Professor Andreas Musolff delivered the second Research Seminar, which was attended by Visiting Professor Charles Clarke (PSI) as special guest.  The topic of the seminar was the function of Metaphor in Political Discourse.  The talk showed how the metaphor of the "heart of Europe" has been used by politicians of all parties over the past twenty years to discuss Britain's role in the EU, with frequent changes in its discursive manifestation as a biological metaphor (ie in conjuncton with imagery of blood clot or blocked arteries near the heart, rot in the heart, the heart beating in the right direction, at the right pace). By contrast national discourses in other EU countries have highlighted notions of centrality (eg central Europe or Brussels "in the heart" of the Eu). During the discussion, Mr Clarke and other participants widened the focus to include further examples that underlined the stategic choice of metaphors by politicians and speechwriters in national and international debates.

Special guest brings dual research benefits to Language and Communication Studies

On 24 March 2011, we hosted a special Guest Lecture by Professor Zoltán Kővecses from the Eötvös Loránd University,in Budapest, Hungary. Professor Kővecses, a world-leading expert in Cognitive Linguistics, spoke on The Conceptual System in (Intercultural) Communication and presented his audience of staff and Postgraduate researchers with the latest refinements to his model of ‘pathways of meaning making'.

In addition, the visit coincided with the conclusion of an agreement between Professor Kővecses, Professor Sonja Kleinke from Heidelberg University, Germany, and UEA to facilitate mutual study visits by Postgraduate Research students.