Why Japanese? Why Japanese?

"Japanese is such a fascinating language to learn with its unique writing system and rich cultural background. There are now millions of people learning Japanese around the world, drawn to the language and country through everything from pop culture such as Manga, Anime and video games to the more traditional arts, such as Origami and pottery, and of course Japan's world class cuisine. Learning Japanese will provide greater insight into the inner workings of Japanese society with its complex mannerisms in both social and business situations which can lead to fun and interesting experiences and exciting new career opportunities."

Mika Brown, Head of Japanese

What do our students think?

"The Japanese evening course offered at the UEA was a perfect way to begin studying Japanese. The informal yet structured classes were a delight and gave me a great basis to start me with the language, written and spoken. Whilst it's a very popular language to learn, Japanese can be somewhat daunting to the absolute beginner, but the teacher offered our class clear explanations that gave us confidence and a great foundation in the language. Thoroughly recommended."

Vicki Dolley, Japanese Level 1


Levels offered

The following levels are offered for Japanese evening classes, please click on the links below for further information of what is covered in the courses, such as topics, grammar and vocabulary.

These descriptions are only a guide and some adjustments to the content of the course might be needed, depending on the students' level of participation, ability and needs.