why french? why french?

"French is an official language in 29 countries, spoken not just in Europe but also in Africa, South-East Asia, the Americas, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. France is the number one tourist destination, and Paris is second only to London as the most visited city. Knowing French gives access to a wealth of literature and cinema and is much valued by potential employers. Being part of the Romance group of languages, it also helps one get by in other languages belonging to the same group, such as Italian and Spanish"

Claudine Tourniaire, French Department, UEA

"Whether you wish to take your language studies to a higher level, or simply be able to engage in simple conversations with French speakers, this course will give you the confidence to succeed. Classes are relaxed and fun, and the aim is to build your confidence whilst providing a sense of enjoyment and achievement through a variety of activities designed to suit individual needs"

Hilary Murdoch, French Evening Class Tutor

Levels offered

The following levels are offered for French evening classes, please click on the links below for further information of what is covered in the courses, such as topics, grammar and vocabulary.

These descriptions are only a guide and some adjustments to the content of the course might be needed, depending on the students' level of participation, ability and needs.

What do our students think?

"I am really enjoying the classes, they are well organised and responsive to what individuals in the class want to learn. As such, we are learning a mixture of useful phrases and grammar, which is ideal for me, and I find the teaching really clear and helpful. It is great to have the opportunity to interact with the group and to learn from an experienced and enthusiastic teacher."

Nonia Williams Korteling, French Beginners 1