Advanced english daytime language classes Advanced english daytime language classes

The learning objectives of Advanced English are to offer students the opportunity to develop their skills in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Through reading texts, listening to academic talks and media reporters, and by exchanging thoughts in seminar discussions and expressing ideas in written form, students will gain a greater understanding of global, cultural and political issues whilst at the same time, expanding their vocabulary and range of expression.

Students are expected to actively participate in all classroom based activities. Remaining silent is not an option! Often students will work in pairs and groups and will be encouraged to support each other in their exploration of the language- and not be overly reliant on simplistic 'translations' on mobile phones of newly encountered words or expressions.

By the end of this module you will be able to express yourself more confidently orally, be better able to understand recorded material and will have increased your vocabulary base; you will also be more able to read complex texts and write more accurately with fewer grammar errors and greater control over your choice of appropriate vocabulary.

Such language support will be of immense benefit for all aspects of your course programme and will hopefully please your tutors and enable you to obtain higher grades! And of course an opportunity to improve your language skills will most likely be helpful for whatever career you pursue in the future.

Phil Harris, English Tutor

Levels offered

Advanced English I and II

Advanced English I and Advanced English II are free-standing modules. Students can choose to take Autumn course (September- December) or the Spring course (January- April) only, or both courses. The level is the same for both courses and they are designed for people who already have an advanced level of English (IELTS 6.5 or above/CEFR strong B2) but would like to improve or consolidate their skills to reach a more competent level. You will be exposed to material from authentic spoken and written sources designed to develop your skills in deducing meaning, to provoke thought and discussion and to offer you the opportunity to expand your range of vocabulary, both for passive understanding and active use. You will also be given regular feedback on your use of grammar as well as practice as well as practice in improving your pronunciation to help you achieve greater accuracy and fluency in your written and spoken English. This module is topic-based and will analyse issues from an intercultural perspective within the context of English as a global language. All students will be expected to actively participate in seminar discussion work through pair and group work activities. You MAY NOT enrol on this module if you already have a knowledge of English equivalent to 7.5/8.0 IELTS/C1/C2 CEFR or above, (i.e. if you are a native speaker or near-native speaker of English), or if you have already lived in the UK for more than three years, unless there are exceptional circumstances).