Translation, Sport, Globalisation and the migrant worker Translation, Sport, Globalisation and the migrant worker

Monday 12 March: 5.30 to 7.00pm – Room Arts 0.30

Translation, Sport, Globalisation and the migrant worker

Roger Baines, University of East Anglia

The wealth generation within many professional sports that the development of global media has facilitated is a facet of globalisation which has led to the extensive migration of elite athletes. This migration in turn creates high levels of linguistic hybridity in professional sporting contexts, and intensifies the need for interlinguistic mediation, especially for those elite migrant athletes who adopt a translation accommodation strategy with little acquisition of the host language. The high profile of elite migrant athletes in the media potentially renders issues of translation especially visible.

Methodologically this provides some data but the high profile is also a consequence of the power (understood in terms of wealth, status and reputation) of such migrant workers. Power dynamics between dominant and minority languages in migrants‟ host culture conventionally disempower migrants. However the use of translation to protect power in two case studies of elite migrant professional footballers in England (Carlos Tévez and Luis Suárez) suggests that different power dynamics can operate in this specialised context.

Roger Baines teaches and researches Translation Studies and French language. He has published on the deliberate misrepresentation through translation of migrant Premier league footballers and managers by their agents and the press, on sport, globalisation, translation and the elite migrant athlete, on the development of a methodology for a performance-based translation of rhythm in Koltès' play Dans la solitude des champs de coton, on the translation and adaptation of Adel Hakim's 1990 play Exécuteur 14, on personal insults and gender, and ritual insults, in contemporary French, and on the work of Pierre Mac Orlan. He is the co-editor of Staging and Performing Translation: Text and Theatre Practice (Palgrave Macmillan).

Invited Special Guests: George Scalan, former Premier League football interpreter and Joe Ferrari, Head of Media, Norwich City Football Club