Phil is a PhD candidate researching Intellectual Property Law at UEA. Norfolk born and raised Phil undertook training as a Legal Executive and became an associate member of the chartered institute of legal executives. He then joined UEA as an undergraduate for a qualifying law degree (LLB) in 2012, moved to a masters (LLM) in 2015 and PhD in 2016. Initially starting the degree for personal fulfilment and wanting to act as lawyer for his own company, study soon ignited a passion for the law and for study in general.

Prior to (and during) his studies Phil managed his own small design, manufacturing and marketing company. His extensive use of CNC machinery, and CAD/CAM packages afford him the skill and experience needed as a foundation for his research, which he can approach from a perspective where he is familiar with the non-legal technical and engineering aspects.

Phil received Norwich Law School Alumni Book Prize awards 2012 and 2013 and a full-fee scholarship for the duration of his LLM. He was awarded a full Law School Studentship for his PhD research, along with a Research Training Support Grant. Phil is also a member of the UEA Centre for Competition Policy.

Key Research Interests

Phil is researching the legal intellectual property issues (copyright, design, trademark, patent) relating to the emerging widespread use of low cost 3D Printing and other digital manufacturing technology and equipment.

Provisional Thesis Title:
3D printing, from there to here to where?

Subject Matter:
3D printing and low cost digital manufacturing in particular. Legal and particularly IP related legal issues.

Key Interests

Intellectual Property Law (Copyright, Design Right, Trade Mark, Patent, and passing off). Also personally interested in all forms of web, ecommerce and technology law as well as competition, consumer, contract, business and company law.


Phil's supervisors are Professor Morten Hviid and Dr Sabine Jacques