Natalya is an Social Sciences Faculty funded PhD research student at UEA Law School. 

Following several years working as a Head of Legal Department at multinational companies in Russia, Natalya completed an LLM in International Competition Law and Policy (awarded with Distinction) at UEA in 2014. She also obtained an MA in Private Law obtained in 2007 from the Research Centre under President of Russian Federation, a diploma in economics at Plehanov Russian University of Economics (2002) and a diploma in law at the Ural State Law University (1997). 

Natalya is also a member of the UEA Centre for Competition Policy. 

Key Research Interests

Natalya's principal research interests lie in the field of anticartel enforcement. She is currently investigating cartel criminalization in Russia for her PhD. Using the empirical data and primary and secondary sources analysis, Natalya is aiming to determine what causes ineffectiveness of criminal anticartel enforcement in Russia.

The provisional title of her thesis is ‘Assessment of cartel criminalization in Russia’. The purpose of the thesis is to evaluate the criminalization of cartel laws in Russia including the assessment of the motivation to introduce the anti-cartel offence, the design of Russia’s criminal cartel laws and their enforcement. The thesis is seeking to identify shortcomings of the policy and to formulate policy recommendations for Russia and other jurisdictions in the process of adopting or reforming anti-cartel criminal regime.

Some of the findings, particularly, co-existence of per se and effects-based approaches in Russia’s anti-cartel enforcement, are unique and can be of interest for other jurisdictions considering the introduction of criminal anti-cartel sanctions.

Conference Presentations:

• CCP PhD Workshop 2016, UEA. June, 2016. “Russia’s Anti-Cartel Enforcement:Per Se or Not Per Se”
• 10th Competition Law and Economic European Network (CLEEN) Workshop. May, 2016. Presentation “An Examination of Russia’s Criminal Anti-Cartel Regime”
• Annual International Graduate Legal Research Conference, King’s College, London. April, 2016. “Defining Russia’s cartel offence”
• 9th Competition Law and Economic European Network (CLEEN) Workshop. May, 2015. Presentation “Assessment of Criminalization in Anti-bid Rigging Policy in Russia”
• CCP PhD Workshop 2015, UEA. June, 2015. “Criminalising Cartels in Russia: Can Cartelists Escape Without Punishment?”


• An Examination of Criminalization of Russia’s Anti-Bid Rigging Policy, Russian Law Journal (RLJ), 3(4)2015
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• Price-fixing as the supreme evil of anti-trust: is Justice Scalia right? Russian Law. Theory and Practice, No 2 (2013)