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BILETA 29th Annual Conference

Monday 14th - Wednesday 16th April 2014

University of East Anglia


The theme of this year's international conference is: Legal regulation & Education: Doing the right thing? Delegates are invited to submit papers relating to law, technology and legal education that examine whether existing laws target the ‘right things' and provide adequate protection for rights. If not, what is the right thing to do? Are educationalists doing the right thing in developing moocs, spocs, virtual learning environments etc.?

Relevant topics include: Cybercrime & Cyberwarfare, Darknet, Data protection, Domain names, e-Democracy, e-Commerce, e-Government, e-Health, e-Learning and Legal Education, e-money, Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Intermediary Regulation, Net Neutrality, Pornography,  Professional Legal Practice and Surveillance.

Call for papers: Has now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted an abstract for consideration. You will be notified about acceptance/rejection in due course. Please note: more abstracts were received than can be presented at the conference, so unfortunately some will have to be rejected. Non-presenters are welcome to attend the conference. 

Plenary speeches will be given by Sarah Glassmeyer, Director of Community Development, at CALI (The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) and Mr Eric King, Head of Research, at Privacy International

Postgraduate Prize: A prize of £100 will be awarded to the best postgraduate conference paper. To be eligible for the prize a full paper must be submitted by the 28th March 2014. (Extended to 9th April 2014) Papers should be emailed to bileta2014.ac.uk or k.mccullagh@uea.ac.uk 

Conference Registration: Once the proposal is accepted, the author (or a minimum of one of the authors, if there are multiple authors) must also register for the conference so that the details can be included in the Final Conference Programme. Non-presenters are also welcome to register to attend the conference. 

Publication Opportunities: Authors of full papers accepted and presented at the conference will be invited to submit their paper for consideration for publication in special editions of the following peer reviewed journals (print journal International Review of Law Computers & Technology) and (open access, online journals: European Journal of Law and Technology, and Script-ed).

Queries: Questions regarding submissions etc. should be directed to the Conference Organiser, Dr Karen Mc Cullagh, via: bileta2014@uea.ac.uk or via: k.mccullagh@uea.ac.uk