The Law Clinic is an extremely valuable resource for our students, our partners and the wider, local community.

The UEA Law Clinic brings together under a single banner an unrivalled range of pro bono opportunities for students, made possible by our ground-breaking partnerships with  third sector organisations, and by the support we receive from the local legal profession.


The UEA Law Clinic is a collaborative venture between UEA law students, the academic staff of the Law School, external agencies and members of the local legal profession. As you will discover, there are numerous opportunities available for our students to use their legal knowledge for the benefit of the wider community, while at the same time gaining valuable hands-on experience of the law in action. 

The Law Clinic works in partnership with local advice agencies to provide free legal advice and assistance to clients in a wide range of subject areas. It runs Community Outreach events that raise awareness of the law and of legal issues for schools, colleges and community organisations. It investigates potential miscarriages of justice, working in collaboration with Inside Justice. And it provides a range of support services for external agencies, helping them to achieve their objectives.

Experiencing the law in action is increasingly acknowledged to be a vital part of a law student's education. It enables students to appreciate the complex interplay of legal rules and principles in real-life situations, to develop a critical awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the law, and to acquire a wide range of transferable skills that enhance their employability. Working in the Law Clinic enriches our students, and helps to prepare them for life after University.

The Law Clinic is also an important community resource. Recently announced cutbacks in public funding for legal aid and advice agencies have created a crisis in access to justice in the UK.  By working in partnership with advice agencies and volunteers from the local legal profession, we aim to meet some of this unmet need for legal advice and assistance, and to put service to our local community at the heart of everything we do.  

Gareth Thomas – Director, UEA Law Clinic