The UEA Law Clinic is currently involved in a research project which aims to map the availability of free legal advice in the Eastern region (covering Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambs, Herts & Beds), and to produce an easily accessible, user-friendly Guide to Free Legal Advice that can be used by judges, court officers, legal practitioners and advice agencies to point self-represented litigants in the direction of free legal advice and assistance appropriate to their particular needs.  

Law students at UEA will have the opportunity to play a major part in the project by helping to gather the information, and to produce the Guide.  Students from other law schools in the region have been invited to assist with the information-gathering exercise in their areas.

This research project is supported by the Civil Justice Council (an independent public body that advises the Lord Chancellor on the reform and modernisation of the civil justice system) and the Access to Justice Foundation (a charity established by the legal profession to support the provision of free legal advice across the UK). 

For more information on the Research Project on Access to Justice, send an email to Gareth Thomas at