The justiceproject@uea allows students the opportunity to investigate cases of long-term prisoners maintaining their innocence of serious crimes for which they have been convicted. Students work under the supervision of an academic member of staff from the Law School. The justiceproject@uea was set up in 2008, following significant interest from students in the area of criminal law and, in particular, miscarriages of justice.

Since October 2013 the justiceproject@uea has been working in collaboration with the national charity Inside Justice. More details about Inside Justice and its work can be found on their website

The justiceproject@uea does not itself give legal advice, but instead its students review cases, re-examining evidence and trying to identify new lines of enquiry. In 2015-16 it is planned to have three teams each working on one case. In each case the individual is in prison having been convicted of a serious criminal offence – of which they claim to be innocent.

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