The Law Clinic has links with a wide range of organisations, including leading local charities like Norfolk Community Law Service, national organisations like the Crown Prosecution Service and the Access to Justice Foundation, and world-leading third sector organisations like the British Red Cross and Shelter. These collaborative partnerships benefit the University and its students, as well as serving our partners and the wider community. They result in a large number of projects that deliver exciting and extremely varied volunteering opportunities for our students.

Interested prospective partners can contact Gareth Thomas, Director of the UEA Law Clinic at

Norfolk Community Law Service

Norfolk Community Law Service (NCLS) is a leading local charity whose objectives are "to identify unmet legal need within Norfolk and find ways to provide free services to meet those needs". In 2012, the UEA Law School entered into a ground-breaking 3-year partnership with NCLS, which cemented a mutually beneficial relationship that had grown and developed over the preceding decade. Under the partnership, at least 35 UEA law students each year will have the opportunity of assisting on the Free Legal Advice Scheme, gaining vital ‘real world' skills and experience, and students will also be able to assist with with many of NCLS's specialist advice services, in areas such as discrimination, domestic abuse, and immigration

Access to Justice Foundation

The Access to Justice Foundation is a charity established by the legal profession to support the provision of free legal advice across the UK. At the invitation of the Access to Justice Foundation, academic staff from the Law School are working on a research project to map the availability of free legal advice in the eastern region, and to produce a Guide to Free Legal Advice that can be used by judges, court officers, legal practitioners and advice agencies to assist self-represented litigants in accessing whatever free legal advice might be available. UEA law students will have the opportunity to assist with that most important piece of research.

Crown Prosecution Service

UEA law students act as Independent Legal Advisers to the Crown Prosecution Service's Local Scrutiny and Involvement Panels (LSIPs) for the East of England, The function of the LSIPs, which meet quarterly, is to assess CPS case-handling and quality assurance by scrutinising finalised prosecution cases and their outcomes, with a particular focus on hate crime, domestic violence and rape. The Panels also act as a local consultative forum for consideration of CPS policies, procedures and performance generally.  This collaboration between the UEA Law Clinic and the Crown Prosecution Service is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK.

Police Authority Advisory Group

UEA law students are able to volunteer with the Norfolk Police Authority to provide views, opinions and if appropriate experience about various police and crime related subjects, as a member of the Police Authority Advisory Group

British Red Cross 

Our collaboration with the British Red Cross has resulted in the ground-breaking Humanitarian Law Project, established in 2011, which gives law students the opportunity to develop presentations on international humanitarian law issues which are delivered on behalf of the British Red Cross to Schools of study within UEA, and to local schools and colleges. 


Our collaboration with Shelter, a national charity that provides advice and support on housing issues to over a million people a year, has led to a number of Volunteer Advice Assistant roles in its Norwich office being reserved for final-year UEA law students.