I am an economist specializing in experimental and environmental economics. I am particularly interested in individual and household decision making with its implications for development policies. I joined DEVco in October 2008 as part of a team investigating allocation norms across contexts and the implications for household models and development policies. This study combines experiments, household survey and ethnographic data for three developing countries (Ethiopia, India and Nigeria).   I have a MA in Environmental Economics and a PhD in Economics from the University of Toulouse (and EHESS). During my MA I studied the relationship between economic growth and pollution of greenhouse gases, and analyzed the economic implications of the market mechanisms introduced by the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. In my PhD I used experiments to study how individuals deal with risks, with a particular interest in the case of environmental risks.   Prior to my appointment at DEVco I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Universities of Georgetown (Washington DC, USA) and Los Andes (Colombia). I also worked as a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank where I provided analytical and technical support in matters related to disaster risk management and financing for countries in Latin America.

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Munro, A., Kebede, B., Tarazona-Gomez, M., Verschoor, A.


Autonomy and Efficiency: An Experiment on Household Decisions in Two Regions of India,

in Journal of the Japanese and International Economies


pp. 114-133

UEA Repository



Harrison, G. W., Lau, M. I., Rutstrom, E. E., Tarazona-gomez, M.


Preferences over social risk,

in Oxford Economic Papers



pp. 25-46

Full Text UEA Repository



Munro, A., Kebede, B., Tarazona-Gomez, M., Verschoor, A.


The lion’s share. An experimental analysis of polygamy in Northern Nigeria,

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Lloró: un lugar donde convergen la solidaridad y el compromiso (January 1998), Report prepared for Red de Solidaridad Social