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Tolhurst, T., Reid, B., Andrews, J., Giannopoulos, G., Grant, A., Lorenzoni, I., Peake, L., Goulden, M., Waters, J., Donaldson, C., Bremner, J., Dolphin, T., Garcia, C., Kennedy, K.


The December 2013 North Sea storm caused the biggest UK storm surge for 60 years,

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Mitterschiffthaler, M. T., Williams, S. C. R., Walsh, N. D., Cleare, A. J., Donaldson, C., Scott, J., Fu, C. H. Y.


Neural basis of the emotional Stroop interference effect in major depression,

in Psychological Medicine



pp. 247-56

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Ruta, D., Camfield, L., Donaldson, C.


Sen and the art of quality of life maintenance: Towards a general theory of quality of life and its causation,

in Journal of Socio-Economics



pp. 397-423

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