Borja is a development economist and a PhD student at UEA. His research interests focus on financial decision-making and poverty reduction.

His doctoral dissertation, supervised by Professors D’Exelle and Verschoor, investigates how demand for formal insurance interacts with existing informal risk-sharing arrangements, and the effect that the provision of insurance may have on agricultural investment decisions. The fieldwork for this research was carried out in eastern Uganda with smallholder farmers, using experimental and survey methods.

He has also conducted research on the relationship between risk preferences and agricultural investment, and collaborated in impact evaluation projects of social policies.

Career History

2012-Present Associate Tutor at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Norwich, UK.

2015 Research Assistant at the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), London, UK.

2011-2015 Consultant (Various).

2012-2013 Research Officer at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Norwich, UK.

Academic Background

PhD Development Economics. University of East Anglia (UEA), UK (Ongoing)

MPhil Development Economics. University of East Anglia (UEA), UK (Part of doctoral studies), 2015.

MSc Economics with Merit. University of Manchester. UK, 2014.

MA Development Economics with Distinction. University of East Anglia (UEA), UK, 2011.

Bachelor’s Hons. in Business Management and Administration and Master in Management skills. University of Deusto, Spain, 2008.

All Publications

Verschoor, A., D'Exelle, B., Perez-Viana, B.


Lab and life: Does risky choice behaviour observed in experiments reflect that in the real world?,

in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization


pp. 134-148

Full Text UEA Repository



Balungira, J., D'Exelle, B., Perez-Viana, B., Verschoor, A.


Co-producing policy recommendations: Lessons from a DEGRP project in Uganda,

Growth Research Programme

Full Text

(Commissioned report)


Verschoor, A., D'Exelle, B., Balungira, J., Clist, P., Perez-Viana, B.


Risk-taking, risk-sharing and underinvestment in agriculture in eastern Uganda – Policy lessons,

Growth Research Programme

Full Text

(Commissioned report)


Attanasio, O., Augsburg, B., Brugues, F., Caeyers, B., Malde, B., Perez-Viana, B.


Baseline report: understanding the links and interactions between low sanitation and health insurance in India,

London: The Institute for Fiscal Studies

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(Commissioned report)


Key Research Interests

Development economics, policy experiments, investment behaviour, impact evaluation, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Teaching Interests

Econometrics, Impact Evaluation, Microeconomics for Development, Macroeconomics for Development