My interest in development aid has been built upon a portfolio of my experience and knowledge in economic modelling, business strategic management, public policy, and sustainable development.

My PhD project is centralised on empirically analysing and optimising the allocation of development aid to reducing poverty and to mitigating climate change. The process comprises three separate research projects:

  • The first investigates the relationships of donor's characteristics and their decisive allocation in allocating climate change aid from 22 donor countries.
  • The second analyses the allocation of climate aid and poverty aid across recipient countries from overall bilateral donors as well as individual donors, namely Japan, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.
  • The third aims to test a model of aid allocation to reduce poverty and to mitigate climate change using the optimisation technique.

Through this research process, I aim to develop a profound understanding on the literature and practical knowledge related to development aid and its relationship with governance of recipient countries. In addition, I am interested to understand and to fluently use wide range of statistical techniques and to do numerical data analysis. Without only focusing on economics related text, in my spare time, I have engaged myself with reading a wide range of literature from art and philosophy to religion. 

Career History

Associate Tutor. The School of International Development, University of East Anglia. (2011 - Present) 

Project Assistant. Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund. The United National Development Programme Indonesia and National Development Agency-BAPPENAS (Dec 2011- Jan 2012)

Project assistant for a pilot project of Sustainable social enterprise development project of ASHOKA and ARTEMISIA in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Nov 08 – Jul 09)

Committee President for Indonesia and Bandung committee for AIESEC, the largest international student-based organisation (Jul 06 – Jun 08)

Teaching Assistant in Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University, Indonesia (Apr 06 – Jun 07)

Academic Background

MSc International Management and Public Policy (2009/10) School of Public Administration, University Erasmus Rotterdam; Thesis topic: business cycle of development aid(distinction)

BSc Management (2002-07) Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University; Thesis topic: bank bankruptcy model in Indonesia (distinction)

BSc Business Administration (2002-07) Faculty of Social and Political Science, Parahyangan University; Thesis topic: Balanced Scorecard implementation in a small medium enterprise (cum laude)

Achievements, honours, and scholarship

The Best Graduate from Department of Management Batch III, 2007, Padjadjaran University The Best Graduate from Business Administration Science, Graduation I 2006/2007, Parahyangan University Scholarship Grantee for Indonesian Outstanding Students in Academic and Community Development Activities, Indonesian Ministry of Education

Conferences and International Experiences

2010 - New York, USA; National Model of United Nations Conference
2010 - Brussel, Belgium; study group for meeting the representative of the Netherlands for the European Union
2010 - London, United Kingdom; LSE workshop and seminar on international development topic
2009 - Geneva, Switzerland; The United Nations Office, and UN agencies visit
2009 - Sao Paulo, Brazil; Ethanol Summit; event organizer
2008 - Johannesburg, South Africa; AIESEC national Conference; chair of conference
2008 - Tokyo, Japan; AIESEC Asia Pacific Exchange Leadership Seminar; participant
2008 - Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, AIESEC International President Meeting; participant
2008 - Shanghai, China, AIESEC in China National Conference; participant
2007 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; HIV/AIDS & Entrepreneurship Conference; facilitator
2007 - Istanbul, Turkey; AIESEC International Congress; participant
2007 - Cairo, Egypt; AIESEC International President Meeting; participant
2005 - Dakha, Bangladesh; AIESEC Asia Pacific Exchange Leadership Seminar; Participant 

Procedural paper abstract

Optimising aid allocation: A dilemma in reducing poverty while mitigating climate change


Halimanjaya, A., 2013, Climate finance across developing countries: What are the major determinants?, Working Paper 45, DEV Working Paper Series, The School of International Development, University of East Anglia, UK

Halimanjaya, Aidy & Papyrakis, E. (2012) Donor Characteristics and the Supply of Climate Change Aid. DEV Working Paper Series (under review of Journal Climate and Development).

Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund External Report 2010-2011. UNDP Indonesia.

Gastromotiva Annual Report 2008


All Publications

Halimanjaya, A., Papyrakis, E.


Donor characteristics and the allocation of aid to climate mitigation finance,

in Climate Change Economics



article no. 1550014

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