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Conlon, S.


J Barry: The politics of actually existing unsustainability: human flourishing in a climate changed, carbon constrained world,

in International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics



article no. 17

pp. 139-141

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External Activities and Indicators of Esteem

Susan is a postdoctoral researcher in the School of International Development and part-time Coordinator of UEA's Water Security Research Centre. Susan carried out ethnographic research with a campesino community in north-west Peru in 2014, an area where claims are being made that glacier retreat is already impacting water supplies. Her research explores how livelihood practices and choices are influenced by globalized discourses of water scarcity and climate change. Her interests lie in the contradictions between water people say and do, which has particular import for understanding situated concerns and priorities in an area juggling socio-economic change with policy and institutional change in water management practices. Susan has over four years' combined experience working in research, education and coordination roles in international development and the private sector.