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DEV Research Seminar –Wednesday 6th March

Sunil Kumar from Kings College London, will be presenting his research educational outcomes and birth order in Mexico.


The Importance of being earliest: birth order and education outcomes along the socio-economic ladder in Mexico

Wednesday 6th March | ARTS 2.84 | 3.30-5pm | Sunil Kumar

In this paper we study birth order effects on educational outcomes in Mexico using 2 million observations from the extended questionnaire section of the 2010 Census. We find that birth order effects are negative, and a variety of endogeneity and robustness checks suggest a causal interpretation of this finding. We then examine whether these effects vary across households’ socioeconomic status, conceptualized in terms of not only absolute wealth and adult education but also relative deprivation. Significant heterogeneity is found, with birth order effects being greater at higher values of absolute wealth and of relative deprivation and smaller for more educated households. A back-of-the-envelope exercise suggests that these countervailing forces are of comparable magnitude to one another.