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DEV Research Seminar – Friday 15th February

This friday Adrian Gonzalez from the University of York presents his research on environmental injustice and the use of PEV in Peru’s Loreto Region.


Environmental (in)justice, access and recognition in Peru’s Loreto region; an investigation through the political ecology of voice (PEV)

Friday 15th February | ARTS 0.28 | 12-1pm | Adrian Gonzalez

This presentation studies the accessibility of environmental justice through the state for rural Peruvian citizens adversely affected by oil pollution problems. To do so, the article utilises the political ecology of voice (PEV) theoretical framework. PEV can be defined as the study of economic, political, social and geographical factors over a specific temporal period and their impact upon the use of voice by different stakeholders. The research was centred on a case-study of Peru’s Loreto Region and two communities affected by oil pollution events. It will show that Loreto’s rural population are subjected to “shadow environmental citizenship” in which they have only peripheral access to environmental justice through the state, which also does not adequately recognise or support their right to seek redress. This in turn forces people to seek access and recognition of environmental justice through more unorthodox or radical forms of action or via the support of non-state actors. Environmental justice is thus unequal and inaccessible for Peru’s rural populace.