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DEV Research Seminar – Wednesday 30th January

Samir Jeraj, a DEV Alumni and Independent journalist, will be presenting his findings on the rent trap in the UK this Wednesday.


The Rent Trap: reflections on the housing crisis, Grenfell Tower and Neo-liberalism

Wednesday 30th January | C.HALL 0.13 | 3.30-5pm | Samir Jeraj

Housing has gone from a relatively ignored issue to the heart of political debate in the UK. Conservatives are proposing regulating markets, leftists are talking about rent controls again, and at the grassroots, activism on housing has grown in reaction to a growing crisis of affordability, conditions and security. This seminar will examine how the UK has come to its housing crisis, whether it is something really new, and how it fits into global trends. The seminar will summarise findings from the research behind The Rent Trap, as well as books and events since its publications – including the disaster at Grenfell Tower. It is based on interviews, desk-research, activism, and policy work over four years. This research suggests that housing is at the centre of political, social and economic transformations. These systems are embodied in the housing that has been built, how it now stands, and the crises of affordability, security, and decency. The solutions to these crises must include broad alliances to redefine housing as a right, over housing as a vehicle for profit.