Meet the Course Director Meet the Course Director

Jonathan PattendenJonathan Pattenden

Course Director - International Development with Politics


Welcome to the Politics and International Development Programme at UEA. We offer a unique degree programme that addresses key issues in the politics of development. For us politics is not about political actors and institutions in themselves, but the ways in which they shape developing societies and the lives of ordinary people. Politics in our view is produced by social groups, so we analyse the distribution of power and resources across societies; in whose interests governments, NGOs, social movements and international organisations act; how policy is made, contested and implemented; why poverty is so unevenly spread; and conflicts within as well as between countries. We analyse the politics of development at different levels from the international to the national to the village and urban neighbourhood. In my own work as a researcher (primarily in South Asia but also in South-East Asia and Latin America) I have spent several years talking to labourers, farmers, social movement activists, and government officials. I have also worked as a social movement coordinator. Currently my main interest is in labourers ‘working at the margins’ – beyond the protection of state regulations and with little power – and what strategies they and those who support them might pursue to improve their conditions. 


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