Meet the Course Director Meet the Course Director

Gareth Edwards

Course Director - Geography and International Development

I am a geographer who is interested in understanding how the ways we choose to govern environmental dilemmas (e.g. about water governance or climate change) affect people differently, and what this means for social and environmental justice. This means I’m interested in both the global North and South, and the connections between them.

The Geography and International Development course has been a great success and I’m sure you will appreciate its contemporary relevance. So many of the important challenges we face today are global in nature and involve geographical connections between north and south: climate change, migration, food security and poverty to mention a few key ones. At UEA you have the opportunity to study with a team of highly experienced human geographers within a School of International Development – an ideal place to pursue this pioneering course.

I look forward to meeting you in Norwich and contributing to what I am sure will be a wonderful and fulfilling three years for you.

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