Success stories from two of our graduates Success stories from two of our graduates

Fran Rogers | BA International Development with Languages, 2011

'I really enjoyed both the Gender Training course and the Humanitarian Aid course[...] they have helped me find a job with the Spanish Red Cross. I will be working in Tarragona with people living with HIV, and hopefully this will be a great learning experience. The vocational courses and the experience I gained from them really helped me get the job, because I was able to use and discuss that in the interview. The RedR Humanitarian Aid course was especially helpful in the interview as we had to carry out a group work activity similar to the leadership exercise we did on the second day of the course. Also the data input and analysis work I did for Dr Papyrakis was invaluable.'

Mark Gunton | BA Development Studies, 1981

Mark Gunton'I did my undergraduate degree in Development Studies at UEA. I graduated in 1981. My main interests were in Economics and Social Anthropology, with a focus on India and Latin America. My final year paper was on worker self-management in Yugoslavia, for which I was given the Best Thesis Award award - the pinnacle of a very ordinary academic career. These were the punk-rock and Thatcher years and I, like nearly all the students and faculty, was very passionate about the need for change in the world. I left Norwich looking for a place in an aid agency or the UN, or failing that a position at the Guardian. It didn't quite work out that way.'

'After 25 years working in the corporate world designing and executing business growth strategies in the logistics sector, primarily in emerging economies, I have recently come back to international development. I am now CEO of the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative. This is part of the Clinton Foundation and is based in New York. We manage social investment funds in Colombia and Haiti that support under-financed small businesses that have positive social impacts. We also create and manage market driven ventures that help people work themselves out of poverty in Peru, Mexico, and Colombia. We are a relatively young initiative that plans to have a major impact in the area of sustainable economic development by launching and scaling ventures in Latin America that we can ultimately bring to Africa and South Asia.'