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Who comes on our courses and what they say about them.

We have had participants from all over the world working for international and domestic NGOs, think tanks, environmental and economic consultancies, government departments, UN agencies, energy companies and private industry. Trends in training - duration, subject area, teaching style etc have changed over the years as have budgets. At DEVCo we have successfully responded to these fluctuations by adapting the type and range of courses we offer. We conduct detailed written and verbal evaluations at the end of each course and take seriously anything that our participants feel could be improved upon.

Here is some of the feedback we have received from recent course participants:

"I have been on several short courses in my career, but I can say without doubt that the IE course at UEA is the best by far.  If you're looking to develop the technical evaluation skills that international donors and NGOs seek in this age of value-for-money and return on spend, then this is the course for you."

"You won't become an expert in 2 weeks, but it will introduce you to the techniques and concepts you need to know, and provide you with a wealth of material which you can study in greater depth when the course concludes."

"Shortly after finishing the UEA course in July 2012, I was commissioned by DfID to undertake an impact evaluation feasibility assessment of one of its projects in a developing country.  I can honestly say that I would have struggled to complete this assignment to the client's expectations had it not been for the knowledge I'd gained from the UEA IE course.  And it was a bonus that the consultancy fees I earned from the assignment more than covered my outlay on the course, giving me an almost instant return on investment."