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Professional Development and Customised Training Programmes

‘Advancing your knowledge of development issues'

We are able to provide individuals and small groups with customised programmes and study tours tailored to individual professional needs.


Programmes can be arranged in most development related subjects. Recent examples have focussed on:

  • Climate change and governance
  • Monitoring and evaluation of development projects
  • Gender and development
  • Management information systems


We can provide tailor-made study sessions, guided reading and seminar style discussions with members of the School of International Development teaching faculty and research team plus wider access to staff throughout the university.  Members have extensive experience in North Africa, most countries of sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, South and South East Asia and the Far East, Central and South America, the Caribbean, the Pacific and Europe.


Training and skills development can be provided at almost any time of the year. Typically most programmes run for 2 -4 weeks but can be as little as 2 -3 days.


Visitors are provided with their own work-station with internet enabled PC and easy access to a printer and fax machine within the School of international Development plus access to the library is made available. Modern self-catering or B and B campus accommodation is provided within easy reach of our offices.  Most teaching is held within the School of International Development.


Costs can vary. For a full programme fees can be in the region of £1800 per week (to include accommodation and a social programme) but we are very happy to consider more modest proposals where for e.g. simply a desk and access to the library plus a few tutorials only is required.

To apply

Simply email with your request.

International Development UEA manages both the UK-based and international project activities of the University of East Anglia's School of International Development, as well as work undertaken in partnership with other Schools. Our clients include national and international development agencies, governments, NGOs, international research centres and private clients.

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