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Professional Development and Customised Training Programmes

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About Professional Development and Customised Training Programmes

We are able to provide individuals and groups with customised training

programmes tailored to their professional needs.



Programmes can be arranged in most development related subjects.

To get an idea about our offer, please browse through our Short Courses page. 


Recent bespoke courses have focussed on:

  • Climate change and development
  • Impact evaluation for evidence-based policy 
  • Beyond surveys and experiments 
  • Gender and development



Typically most programmes run for 1 -2 weeks, but can be as little as 2 -3 days.



Costs can vary depending on teaching mode and duration. For a full programme

fees can be in the region of £1800 per week but we are very happy to consider more

modest proposals where for e.g. simply a desk and access to the library plus a few tutorials

only is required.


To apply

Simply email with your request and we will be in touch to discuss

your training needs in more detail.