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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

You complete the application form and return it to

Is there a course deadline?

We aim to keep to a deadline of 4 weeks before a course starts but we can be flexible and if there are spaces we will do what we can to fill them however close to the start date we are. If you know that your funding is likely to be available only after this date then please let us know this and we may be able to keep a place open for you.

Do I need a visa to attend a short course at UEA?

It is up to you to determine whether you need a visa to travel to the UK. Once you have established that you do it is very important to start your application as soon as possible. Participants on our short courses should apply for a Student Visitor Visa,  this is the link to the appropriate page (current at the time of writing - December 2014) on the UKBA website . International Develoment UEA will not be able to support applications for business or regular student visas. We are very happy to write a formal letter of support for your visa upon request and receipt of the relevant documents (a scanned copy of your passport - cover and inside pages). We may also request to make a copy of your visa once you arrive at UEA.

I don't have any funding, what can I do?

International Development UEA does not have any funding of its own. Occasionally we are able to offer scholarships for particular courses, details of which can be found on the course pages. As a rule all participants find their own funding. If you know you may be able to source some funds we are prepared to send a conditional acceptance letter. This can be done by completing the application form and returning it to us. We will then send you an acceptance letter that can be used as evidence of having been accepted onto the course. You can then pay the balance of the fee once the funding has been secured.

How do I pay the course fee?

Course fees can be paid by cheque or bank draft or directly into our bank account. Once you have submitted the application form you will be sent an invoice with all the necessary account details

Can I pay in dollars or with a currency other than sterling?

Yes you can but if the rate used for converting into sterling leaves a significant shortfall, we reserve the right to request any balance due.

What does the fee cover?

The fee covers all the course tuition, sometimes it covers accommodation but you should check the course details about this, books and coursework related to the course plus access to the university library and some other facilities of the university. It does not cover any meals unless stated in the course information. Notwithstanding this, it will include at least one ‘welcome' meal and any outings arranged for the weekends of courses which are at least 2 weeks in duration.

Do you accept late applications?

Yes, we do. It is always worthwhile enquiring even in the last few days before a course starts as there still may be places available. See FAQ above' Is there a course deadline?'.

What are the Entry Requirements?

The entry requirements are stated in the respective course outlines. For all courses we require full competence in written and spoken English. For the Impact Evaluation there is a requirement for participants to have knowledge of statistics and statistical packages and commonly available software packages for e.g. Excel. Your professional experience will also determine your suitability for our courses. Acceptance onto the course is at the discretion of the Course Director.

What are the accommodation arrangements?

Participants on most of our short courses are accommodated in the newer student accommodation blocks on campus. Typically, these blocks are on 3 levels. Each level houses 2 flats made up of between 8 and 12 en suite study bedrooms that run off one corridor, with one lockable entry door to each flat. Each flat has one well equipped kitchen (fridges, microwaves, hob etc) and each bedroom has internet access and has its own secure lockable door. Entry to the blocks on the ground floor are by security swipe. All participants are issued with keys and swipes on arrival. For the one week courses we occasionally accommodate participants in bed and breakfast accommodation on campus. Specific details of your accommodation can be found in the course leaflet or by contacting a member of the Training Office team. Occasionally we offer courses for which we cannot provide accommodation in which case the training office is happy to offer assistance to participants seeking accommodation off campus.

Are there health facilities on campus?

Yes, a Medical Centre is located on campus, offering a full general medical service. If you are from a non-EEA country, you are advised to take out medical insurance as you will be liable for private charges for the NHS treatment you receive in the UK except in a medical emergency and this is limited. Please note also that optician and dental charges are not covered by any reciprocal agreement and may be very expensive.

You may not automatically be able to receive a prescription for medication that you have been prescribed in your own country.