Poet, Playwright, Theatre Director Poet, Playwright, Theatre Director

From the USA, creative writer and actor, has set up and directed plays through her own theatre company the AEGIS Theatre Company working in London.

Actor, writer, and director, Athena Stevens has been working in the arts and entertainment sector for over a decade. Having made repeated collaborations with artists from the BBC, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Globe Theatre, IdeasTap, and others, she draws on an extensive and established network. Athena is also an award winning stand-up comedian and passionate human rights activist. She has worked on efforts for fair housing, mainstreaming education, small business accessibility, and a variety of political campaigns. Stevens additionally is as an advisor to Transport for London and was recently named as one of the 150 People Impacting the London Underground. Raised with a highly international upbringing, she has attended RADA and received a MA in Creative Entrepreneurship at the University of East Anglia. In 2011 she made her West End debut both as an actress and as a playwright in The Amazing Vancetti Sisters which received several five star reviews. Additionally, she runs the blog Never Walked in High Heels and in 2012 her first book, Beauty Unsuspected, was published.

Athena's work on stage, screen, and on the page is becoming recognisable both in the US and UK. 

 Website: www.athenastevens.com