The Academic-Related Staff Review Committee takes place annually, providing an opportunity for staff in Academic-Related posts to be considered for promotion, special increments, discretionary awards and ex-gratia payments and to consider cases for support staff to move to the Academic-Related structure.

The process is set out in the Rules and Procedures for Confirmation, Promotion and Salary Review of Academic-Related Staff (Blue Book), and the timetable is set out in the Academic-Related Staff Review Committee 2019/20 Memo and the Promotion Committee Process for ALC Staff 2018/19.

Members of academic-related staff whose cases will be reviewed by the Academic-Related Staff Review Committee will need to submit an Academic-Related Staff Review Recommendation which should be completed and signed by the relevant Director.

Members of academic-related staff whose cases will be considered for an ex-gratia payment should complete an Annual Review – Ex-Gratia Payment Form and may wish to refer to the Ex-Gratia Payment Guidelines.

Requests for promotion and salary advancement will not be considered outside this process except in cases of reorganisation or restructure where further advice should be sought from Human Resources.